Simple, clean and engaging HTML5 based JavaScript charts. Add 30+ Chart types including Line, Column, Pie, Area, Stacked Charts. Show percentages on Pie/Doughnut chart slices. Already on GitHub?, Create user interfaces that are out of this world thanks to our partnership with Progress KendoReact. You can also use the provider : ChartJsProvider in a .config(). }, for more info and samples check:, In addition, documentation and stackblitz examples I need the same thing, is there no option for it? Firstly Install Node.js You signed in with another tab or window. to your account. @kushika I've checked the demos but the most important label was not shown, the percentage in the middle of the Doughnut. Using Chart.js library and ng2-charts, you can easily create Pie charts in your Angular 4 applications. Using amCharts in Angular VERSION INFO This tutorial deals with Angular2 or later. We’ll occasionally send you account related emails. Updating Angular Chart Data Updating your Angular chart data is simple. We will see an example below updating the chart data Whichever method you choose the good news is that the overall size is very

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