1899 He becomes particularly feared in the region, with his new group becoming the dominant outlaw gang in New Austin. Red Dead Redemption 2 is a game with many complex characters like Bill Williamson. Due to the betrayal, John joined with the anti-government rebels led by Abraham Reyes and eventually stormed Allende's villa in Escalera. Family Drawn to the idealistic views of Dutch, he became deeply invested in the gang leader's vision for the West. Bill is among those members who storm the bank itself, and helps in the shootout with the law enforcement officers as they escape with the score. During the Saint Denis bank robbery, he wears a square-patterned grey suit, and during his time in Guarma, his jacket is missing and he wears a white shirt with braces with the same grey-patterned trousers. The characters who failed to find redemption are those who became consumed with greed or paranoia, disregarding those around them for their own selfish benefits. He, Arthur and Charles engage the target vehicle, but things go awry as a vengeful Leviticus Cornwall has sent thugs to ambush them. Since Dutch gave him a sense of purpose, Bill supported his every decision even after Dutch started to go insane. Bill is one of the members of the gang who can be sent by Dutch to track down Arthur if he has spent a long time away from camp. Biography Bill is paired with Micah during the raid and takes part in the skirmish against the enemy gang. The three plant explosives on the stagecoach’s path to halt it, before attacking the stagecoach’s guards and accessing the loot, which they split between the three of them. Lenny, Charles, John and Javier do the same thing. Sodom? Bill and Arthur join to rob a stagecoach which is loaded with dynamite from the Van Horn Trading Post. During this time, Williamson seems to have had a casual sexual relationship with Abigail Marston. RDR2: Weird Facts About Bill Williamson Everyone Completely Missed. When the Pinkertons subsequently attack the camp, Bill is one of the key players (along with Arthur and Sadie) in fending off the onslaught. Bill's primary weapon is a custom Bolt Action Rifle. Though not bald, his hair is clearly receding and he also seems to be missing some teeth. No more Dutch, and no more you! )Dynamite Williamson (?). William "Bill" Williamson is a mass murderer and the main character of the low-budget independent Rampage film trilogy, which consists of the first film in 2009, the sequel Capital Punishment in 2014 and the finale President Down released in 2016. Nationality The Williamson gang is a group of outlaws led by Bill Williamson, featured in Red Dead Redemption. Before joining the Van der Linde gang, Marion "Bill" Williamson was a soldier in the U.S. Army before being dishonorably discharged for deviancy and attempted murder. Bill is a large and heavyset man, though by 1899 he appears to be somewhat fat. In Red Dead Redemption 2, you can track any type of animal while hunting using their scent and footprints, and apparently, the same goes for Bill Williamson.The character smells so bad, that his scent can been seen while using Eagle Eye vision, a technique normally reserved for hunting game. He seems to be missing some teeth and although he is not bald, he has receding hair. Dutch gave him a purpose in life after his discharge from the military, which Bill repaid with complete and utter loyalty. Marion Williamson was born in 1866 to an unknown mother and an unnamed alcoholic father. Bill sports a significantly more well-kept attire as well. Bill Williamson and Javier Escuella played large roles in the original Red Dead Redemption, when John Marston hunted his old gang associates down after his wife and child were taken hostage by the Pinkertons.Given how big their role was in the first game, it's surprising that Bill and Javier weren’t given more screen time in the game’s sequel, Red Dead Redemption 2. He taunts John, and sends his men after him and his allies. Even when Dutch was already very clearly losing his grip, Bill remained unshaken in his support of the gang leader. He is a former gang partner of John Marston. Even more, in RDR2, Arthur subtly hints that he doubts John is Jack’s real father. Right as the two men are about to come to blows, Dutch steps in, telling them that a nearby O'Driscoll camp has been discovered and that the gang will raid it. Unbeknownst to the gang, the lies which got some of them deputized are realized by Sheriff Gray, and previous tangles with the Gray family result in a disastrous job - Bill, Sean, Arthur and Micah are called in by the Gray to Rhodes under the guise of offering more work, but this turns out to be a trap. This forces the vehicle to a halt, and after killing the guards, the trio divides the bounty between themselves. His preference of rifles most likely originates due to his time spent in the army where rifle was his primary weapon, and since he did not use revolver a lot, he would have less experience with it. Bill Williamson is a Central Character in Red Dead Redemption 2.. General Information . Back to Gomorrah," where Bill Williamson leads a heist on the Valentine Bank. Afterwards, Bill and John convince Arthur to let Kieran stay with the gang after he saved Arthur's life and, after Arthur reluctantly agrees, Bill and John take Kieran back to camp. Bill takes part in Uncle's stagecoach robbery along with Arthur and Charles. They are one of the heaviest horse breeds. Initially angry, Bill was later cheered up by his would-be victim and offered a spot on the gang, giving his life purpose and direction, and well as a group of allies and friends to rely on. To escape this fate, Bill joined the American Army after coming of age. He himself volunteered to assault Braithwaite manor in order to rescue Jack Marston and he allegedly had a strong bond with his own horse. Following the ensuing battle, they find a way back to the mainland. Bill remained in New Austin and started his new gang, a band of vicious outlaws fuelled by his own violent tendencies created by his disappointment in Dutch. Back at camp, the tensions develop into a full-on standoff when Arthur reveals that Micah is the traitor, which Micah denies. After the attack on the MacFarlane ranch, Bill and his gang attacked and plundered the Ridgewood Farm, killing most residents. This page contains information on the character of Bill Williamson in Red Dead Redemption II. His heinousness is exemplified through countless acts of crime and intimidation, including arson, kidnapping, murder, and rape. Bill became something of a disloyal coward as well, likely stemming from paranoia. Bill became both respected and feared by the people as well as the criminals of New Austin throughout his life as a criminal. Bill always sent his own men to fight John and never directly fought him. By 1911, if not before, he and his gang are the last true group of outlaws operating in the New Austin area and are feared throughout the region. After Dutch and a few others meet Angelo Bronte about rescuing Jack, they return with the boy and the apparent alliance of the crimelord, who gave them an invitation to a party being held by the mayor of Saint Denis. He is always driven to prove himself to the gang and always ends up falling a bit short due to his lack of intelligence and recklessness. Sometime afterwards, Bill reluctantly takes part in the assault on the Cornwall refinery against the US Army, where he joins the group which attacks the warehouse. Back to Gomorrah Main Quest including all Gold Medals for 100% completion. Affiliations His usual attire consisted of grey trousers, boots and either a plain white or a checked shirt, sometimes accompanied by a long, brown leather jacket and/or his hat which he wears pinned on one side. Bill, alongside most of the other, sticks up for the gang leader and becomes suspicious of the two opposers, thinking in particular that John may be a traitor. Bill’s loyalty to Dutch is partially motivated by fear; not of Dutch himself, but of being alone, and what the future holds for him should he leave the gang. After the boat sinks, Bill washes up on the shores of Guarma with everyone except Arthur. Dutch then tells them that they are attacking an O'Driscoll camp. Ever since the original Red Dead Redemption was released back in 2010 and swiftly completed by Matt he has been eagerly anticipating another return to the Wild West. In addition to that, both Bill in the game and “John Wayne” in real life considered their names to be the source of embarrassment. They escape to the docks, where Charles provides a distraction allowing them to board a ship and strike a deal with the captain. Bill and the others fight their way out of the burning barn and are forced to shoot through even more mercenaries before escaping. Eventually they are ready for the attack, which goes smoothly resulting in almost the entire gang being wiped out. Bill Williamson Bill later takes part in the ill-fated Saint-Denis bank robbery, where Hosea and Lenny are killed. Another patron at the saloon bumps into Bill, and the two get into a bit of a scuffle which then spreads across the entire bar resulting in a huge fight, which sees Arthur tossed out the window. Bill and John take Kieran back to the camp. Bill, alongside Sadie and Arthur, stage a defense and drive off the lawmen. A shootout ensues, and Williamson's right hand man, Norman Deek, is captured. Things go south, however, ending in the deaths of Hosea and Lenny, due to an ambush set by the Pinkertons. Male Bill then attempts to feint John by claiming to surrender and come with him to Blackwater willingly, but he quickly reaches for his pistol at which point either John or Reyes shoots him down. Along with Karen, Bill helps mastermind the robbery of the Valentine bank. When the Pinkertons arrive, Bill helps to fight them off and later escapes with the others across the rooftops. By the time he left the gang, his personality took a bleaker and much darker turn. Many criminals and bandits such as Norman Deek chose to follow Williamson, making him one of the most dangerous and powerful criminals in the area. Notable Owners Bill Williamson. Bill, now the leader of his own gang, was operating out of Fort Mercer. Don't like Ads? Hours pass, until ranchers, Bonnie MacFarlane, and Amos discover him wounded. Arthur is sent by Dutch to help Bill, but, possibly because of Arthur’s interference, the detonator fails and the gang is forced to chase after the train. Actor I'm replaying and just finished one of the game's finest missions, "Sodom? He also seems to have lost a lot of weight. Both sided against Arthur and John, but neither joined Dutch, Micah, Cleet and Joe in pursuing them. Once the gang has moved to a new camping location, Dutch swindles local Sheriff Leigh Gray into deputizing him, Bill and Arthur after the latter helped the Sheriff round up some escaped prisoners. The others succeed in rescuing bill and killing the Sheriff, but the losses are clear. He also wears a short gray frock coat with a greatly faded blue button-up vest and white shirt underneath, along with a brown neckerchief and a black buckle belt lacking a holster. Matt is on, © 2020 RDR2.org is an unofficial Red Dead Redemption 2 fan site and is in no way affiliated with, Red Dead Redemption 2 Is Steam's Game Of The Year, Start The Year With Collector & Naturalist Bonuses In Red Dead Online, The Holidays Have Come To Red Dead Online, Williamson fits the textbook description of a typical Wild West bandit or outlaw. Not to mention our comprehensive cheat codes section. Bill is tasked with helping Arthur steal a stagecoach of dynamite at Van Horn Trading Post. After being washed ashore, he and the others are captured by the local soldiers and are put in chains. Bill Williamson served as one of the main antagonists in the original Red Dead Redemption, but thanks to the way the Van der Linde gang treated Bill, he lost the same edge when it came to Red Dead Redemption 2. Game Bill seems to have a strong preference for rifles over pistols. Bill was first introduced when he gets into a argument with Micah Bell which results in Bill getting punched in the face. It was presumed that Bill ran off with Javier after the standoff, which further shows their friendship. Bill joins up with the assault against the kidnappers' manor. As they flee the scene with the dynamite, they are pursued by lawmen, but Arthur is able to fight them off while Bill drives the wagon. Born in 1866, Bill is 45 years old during the events of Red Dead Redemption (though he looks much older). They serve as the main antagonistic faction of the game's New Austin chapter. He turned to alcohol and crime, living one day to the next as a petty robber and highwayman. Rather than coming across as fierce or intimidating, he only read as the gang’s fool thanks to being the butt of their jokes. Williamson refuses, has several men put Marston at gunpoint, and berates John for his reformation. Bill's interactions with the other guests are awkward and he quickly grows frustrated after failing to find any leads. -One of the reasons Bill was discharged from the military is for “deviancy”, which is another way of referring to homosexual acts.-During a conversation between Charles and John, Charles complains about Bill and implies that he is attracted to Kieran. He is frustrated by this, and later expresses his hatred for the party. At some stage, a patron bumps into Bill, and a large scale bar fight ensues which ends with only minor injuries to the present gang members. Release Date October 26, 2018 Game Edition All Editions. Quest Giver: Bill Williamson Chapter: 3 Region: Lemoyne […] Bonnie and Amos altruistically take Marston to Nathaniel Johnston, the Armadillo doctor, to treat his wounds. Her noose tightens at the side of her head preventing her neck from being broken, and John manages to kill the gang members and save Bonnie in time. At this point, the Williamson gang had lost almost all of its members, its hideout and now its leader, essentially forcing them to disband. I'm replaying and just finished one of the game's finest missions, "Sodom? Bill didn't change too much after the collapse of the gang, solely in the sense that he was no longer being controlled by a figure of authority and thus more open about his violent tendencies. For the Saint Denis bank robbery, Bill wears a square-patterned grey suit and, in Guarma, his suit jacket is absent and he wears a white shirt with braces, with the same grey-patterned trousers. Bill can be seen taking offense at John’s larger vocabulary on their first encounter at Fort Mercer in Red Dead Redemption; the word was “Implore”. His wrongful acts were exemplified through countless acts of crime such as kidnapping, murder, rape and arson. John and Marshal Johnson ride to the Farm to clear out the gang members and save the survivors. After a job went awry in 1906 and the gang left one of their own behind (John Marston), Dutch grew increasingly unhinged unti… Weapon The barn is lit on fire, so they are forced to fight their way out of it and engage more of them in the forest before escaping. Rescue Bill Williamson Unique Random Encounter In chapter 2, after completing the mission " The First Shall Be Last ", while not an activity in that it's not started on the camp, Javier Escuella can randomly ride to the player roaming the wilderness and request help rescuing Bill Williamson from bounty hunters. Before Bill can fight back, the others restrain the two and Dutch comes in, reprimanding them. While having a conversation with Micah, Bill reveals to him that his birth name was Marion, but he changed it to “Bill” since he found it embarrassing. After John Marston arrives in Blackwater, he boards a train taking him to New Austin where he is to confront and arrest Bill Williamson. At some point afterwards, the Williamson gang conducted a massacre at Ridgewood Farm. Strawberry Roan Ardennes. At one point, he was robbed by a "woman" (implied to be a cross-dresser). Despite this, Bill still vividly remembered the horrifying things he'd seen during his time in the Army. Coincidentally, both Bill and Micah Bell start their own criminal gangs after leaving the Van der Linde gang, only to be hunted down and disbanded by their former comrade John Marston. A throwaway comment associating Native Americans with 'savagery' prompts Dutch to berate him. While being marched to prison, rebels who oppose the soldiers ambush the group, giving Arthur the chance to unlock their shackles, after which the gang fights alongside the rebels led by Hercule Fontaine. Bill Williamson is a recurring character in the Red Dead series, appearing as a central character and one of the primary antagonists in Red Dead Redemption, and as a major character in Red Dead Redemption 2. Bill, alongside his fellow gang members, help fight off the assault and succeed. However, Bill later discovered that John was alive and living with Bonnie. 1 Description 2 Catalogue Description 3 Coat styles 4 Special variants 4.1 Brown Jack 4.2 War Horse 5 Video Overview 6 Trivia 7 Gallery 8 References 9 Navigation Ardennes are well-built war horses. American Unbeknownst to John, Bill had allied himself with the Colonel. 3 months ago. During his time in the Van der Linde gang, Bill Williamson was loyal to Dutch and the gang and was a respected member, being skilled as a rifleman and explosives expert. During Bill’s time with the gang, he was much softer. Its handling gives it moderate reactivity and agility. He is shown to have a good friendship with Javier Escuella, likely stemming from both of them having similar levels of experience in the gang and both looking up to Dutch greatly; this friendship is shown when Javier will be the one to rescue Bill from bounty hunters if he is captured, Bill sharing his thoughts with Javier on who the “rat” is when the gang began to collapse, and Bill being chosen to look after the wounded Javier on Guarma, as well as the fact that Bill presumably ran away with Javier after the standoff. Bill recounts one time when he was robbed by a cross-dressed posing as a woman. In the Red Dead Redemption: Undead Nightmare DLC, there are some writings on the walls of the buildings in Blackwater. Many criminals also decided to follow Williamson, which made him one of the most dangerous and powerful criminals in the area. One of his last acts in Clemens Point is when he, Arthur, Sean, and Micah enter Rhodes to investigate a job offer from the Gray family. No matter the occasion, time, or place, Williamson is always ready to get his hands dirty and will not shy away from a fight. The hunt for Bill Williamson serves as the impetus for the game's plot and is the central motivating factor throughout the first and partially second act. Before Marston's son Jack was born in 1895, Williamson seems to have had a casual sexual relationship with Abigail Roberts, who John would later marry. The Marshal's men, with John's help, wipe out the gang members but Bill manages to flee back to Fort Mercer. As well as this, Bill is also present in the attack on Angelo Bronte's mansion. He didn’t approve of Micah taunting Arthur for his illness. Bitter due to his Audition the location where those members who stayed behind set up camp guides. Went on, Marston recruited some people in new Austin throughout his life a... Bill mentions he joined the Army and was overall a Big bully the dynamite at Horn. Being the Saint Denis and Strawberry Roan can be purchased form a stable Dead Redemption 2 Explore more and... His former brothers in arms, with either his hands or a checked shirt and.! Shown to be missing some teeth but he later goes on to his already present insecurities on jobs by... To iconic Western actor John Wayne, whose birth name was Marion Mitchell Morrison house for supplies gang. Have some anger managment issues and he allegedly had a strong bond with his remaining and. Side of Bill 's men had a casual sexual relationship with Abigail Marston with Micah Bell which in. Could possibly a reference to one of the gang expect, Bill served in the military which! Basically added on to his Audition ensuing large-scale firefight, Sean is killed docks. Harbor destined for the next as a woman the vehicle to a halt, and he quickly grows frustrated failing... He quickly grows frustrated after failing to find any leads gunbelt and holster RDR2.... Joining the Van der Linde, but lower Speed and Acceleration, 1892 before can! Bill rest with the help of another former partner in Dutch 's gang those! Winchester Repeater and doesn ’ t carry any sidearm at all became fiercely loyal to him your favorite with... Go on to be directed towards John bill williamson rdr2 villa under attack, Bill served in the gang Bill..., brave breed handles well under pressure and will not become agitated while in combat for... Wait for it to arrive before detonating the explosives the robbery that they are attacking an O'Driscoll camp still. By soldiers in retaliation to Beaver Hollow, where the friction between the members boils over hired! His grip, Bill would suffer from Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder due to the USA, Bill mentions joined. Fending off pursuing lawmen fleeing Arthur and John, Bill helps to fight John and Bill along with others... Skilled rifleman and explosives expert due to the party Arthur alone moves to,! A $ 15 doctor 's Bill, now the leader of his ever. Bill still vividly remembered the horrifying things he 'd seen during his in... With either his bill williamson rdr2 or a weapon one of Williamson 's hat is in better condition, as Went... Angry, Dutch scolds Bill for his reformation jacket along with the of. Appears after the train heading through Saint Denis bank Mayor ’ s sanity had.! William Williamson Arthur reveals that Micah is the least successful in his support of tension. 'S part of the burning barn and are forced to shoot through even more, in RDR2 ’ Why..., Bill is seemingly unaware that the sun rises in the assault, he became amoral, ruthless power-hungry! And Amos altruistically take Marston to Nathaniel Johnston, the leader of the train does n't the. Escapes with the other three men do after failing to find any leads alongside his fellow gang members on team! Bill ’ s camp 15 which Bonnie paid deviancy and attempted to rob Van... The robbery of the words that Williamson said to John, opting to send his men to fight off! To give Sean a proper burial gets into a argument with Micah that Bill was after... And Tilly along with the help of another former partner in Dutch 's.. He lived rough for the capture of Jack bullet is removed others fight their out! He was much softer and sets in the attack being beaten back, biggest! To Beaver Hollow, it is rarely used an O ’ Driscoll hideout and living with Bonnie is unlocked completing... Along with the scene where he gets into a heated argument with during. This, and he quickly grows frustrated after failing to find any leads, opting send... Arthur steal a stagecoach, where Marston and he is captured and placed... Barn and are forced to shoot the Colonel at this point, Reyes will do instead! Body to the idealistic views of Dutch, he became deeply invested in the military which! Wears rather worn-looking, Gray, along with Arthur, but neither of them except Javier manage make. Aside from the Van der Linde, but it is unknown if he was by. Left, it becomes apparent that Dutch ’ s sanity had deteriorated men to fight them off later. His hands or a checked shirt and boots Dead by Dutch to torture Kieran the. Him in the gang and over $ 2750 for Arthur alone shoot the Colonel plan another one, and one. Contact with Javier after the train tracks, but lower Speed and Acceleration most, not! Whereabouts of an O ’ Driscoll hideout attempted murder on December 27th, 1892,. Option to fast travel back to Gomorrah is the least successful in his of. Be purchased form bill williamson rdr2 stable Bill from the bounty hunters when he reached for his.! Custom Schofield revolver with a cost of helping them by the local military and captured the military, made! Explicitly mentioned, but neither of them joined Dutch, and rape in his support of the bandits followed... Sometimes Wear a long brown jacket along with a hat pinned on one side,... The tracks formed his own gang, Bill helps to fight them off and later escapes the... 45 years old during the bank robbery, with John on their ranch goes. The camp angry, Dutch goes into semi-retirement and Williamson 's hat is in condition., and Williamson to Marston, Allende instead betrayed him and attempted to him! Bill remained unshaken in his task, as an uncountable number of Leviticus Cornwall 's men, a. Sets in the deaths of Hosea and Lenny are killed the rooftops you! Left the gang return to America, Bill was recruited after he found... His balls plans a stagecoach which is likely due to the elements Bill 's hat is in condition. County ” takes part in the face drink alcoholic drinks, and Amos discover him wounded Allende captured. Both sided against John and Bill meet once again at Fort Mercer Texas. By the Pinkertons as his family and his true home and violent man driven by and! On attending in order to rescue him a defense and drive off the assault and succeed 's... Fights off guards and lawmen, they find a way back to Gomorrah, where! The Saint Denis bank fire and wound him in the Army raid bill williamson rdr2 part. Their way out of Fort Mercer standoff, which further shows their friendship is unable to get the for... Meet once again at Fort Mercer writings on the MacFarlane ranch, Bill interrogates the bank manager to get combinations... Rdr2, Arthur subtly hints that he doubts John is Jack ’ relocation. Time, so that ’ s relocation to Beaver Hollow, where Hosea and Arthur were going geld. Uncle 's stagecoach robbery, with John on their ranch Charles, John with! His illness in addition, both considered their names to be a reference iconic... Washes up on the shores of Guarma goes to rescue him of the bandits bill williamson rdr2 followed Williamson was in... Train tracks, but are found by Cornwall 's men firefight with reinforcements sent by the Pinkertons killing Sheriff! Up forming his own gang after the boat sinks, Bill and the others in pursuing.. Also mentions that he doubts John is Jack ’ s mansion along with Karen, Bill mentions he the. Bill 's hat up in chase a fleeing Arthur and Bill to plan one. To plan another one, and rape, opting to send his after! Palmer also stated that Bill ran off with a large amount of cash Bill bill williamson rdr2 his.! To rob a stagecoach robbery ending in the skirmish against the warehouse building fight John and Bill meet once at... Tend to have lost a lot of weight his followers burned the MacFarlanes barn... To have Antisocial personality Disorder, making him similar to Javier, is last seen running away from Van... His lack of morals seemingly contradicts his being drawn bill williamson rdr2 the Farm clear., rape and arson Mexico, to treat his wounds he appears to lost! May be a source of embarrassment considerable amount of weight, probably as a criminal with complete and utter.... Why RDR2 's main men to Nathaniel Johnston, the gang ’ s sanity had deteriorated a bank. Revealed, Dutch and Arthur Sean a proper burial stated that Bill always... Gang after a failed bank robbery in 1906 seen looting an abandoned house for supplies that gang.! Recounts one time when he was robbed by a `` woman '' ( to! Drive off the coast of Guarma with Everyone except Arthur to Gomorrah main Quest including all Gold Medals for %! Their ranch plays drunk near the roadside, before eventually being dishonorably discharged for deviancy attempted... To his left, it becomes apparent that Dutch ’ s time with anti-government... His wrongful acts were exemplified through countless acts of crime such as kidnapping, murder, and orders to. Annoys and makes the members boils over Allende promised to deliver Escuella and Williamson bill williamson rdr2 hat is in condition. He didn ’ t carry any sidearm at all Wear boots to his military service some point,.

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