We are going to take Zener I-V Characteristics Curve experiment as an example to understand how we can perform a general experiment using the PSLab device. Then for all other combinations of input voltage and load current the Zener diode conducts the excess current thus maintaining a constant voltage across the load. The circuit for studying the forward bias characteristics of a Zener diode is as shown in the figure1. Jrd . The Zener conducts the least current when the load current is the highest and it conducts the most current when the load current is the lowest. So we take the ohmmeter and place it across the leads of the diode. Once the values are noted the plot of characteristics curves between voltage and current is plotted. ... Take the readings until a Diode Current of 30mA. The symbol of zener diode is similar to the normal p-n junction diode, but with bend edges on the vertical bar. This breakdown voltage is known as the Zener voltage. VI characteristics of zener diode What are the applications of Zener diode? Preface: ... (Take at least 8 readings). Do not switch ON the power supply unless you have checked the circuit connections as per the circuit diagram. The Zener diode mainly operates in reverse biased condition. 2. To Study the working of a diode as half w ave rectifier with and without filter. The forward bias region of a Zener diode is identical to that of a regular diode. Connect voltmeter and ammeter in correct polarities as shown in the circuit diagram. To see the graph, click on the graph icon in the worksheet. From the plot at which point of voltage the spike in current is noticed that voltage value is referred to as Zener … The function of a regulator is to provide a constant output voltage to a load connected in parallel with it in spite of the ripples in the supply voltage or the variation in the load current and the zener diode will continue to regulate the voltage until the diodes current falls below the minimum IZ(min) value in the reverse breakdown region. Shorted Diode. In zener diode, electric current flows from both anode to cathode and cathode to anode. Experiment no-01 AIM:- To Plot the V-I Characteristics of P-N Junction Diode under Forward and Reverse Bias Condition and I-v characteristics of Zener diode. This property of zener diode makes its use as a voltage regulator. Diodes overview diodes are mostly used in practice for emitting light as light emitting diodes leds or. One of the zener diodes works like a reference voltage generator, while the other zener diode is used for sensing the changes in the temperature levels. Result: The characteristics and Voltage Regulation of  Zener  diode are studied. What is the difference between p-n Junction diode and zener diode? For correct voltage regulation, we need to find out precisely what voltage should be across the Zener diode.Zener breakdown voltage should be approximately close to the desired voltage we want. In voltage regulators. You can use the embedded worksheet to enter the values. 1. It should be replaced. Objectives: To study the characteristics of Zener diode. If there is no load resistance, shunt regulators can be used to dissipate total power through the series resistance and the Zener diode. Theory Zener Diode. What is the doping concentration in Zener diodes? Experiment no-01 AIM:- To Plot the V-I Characteristics of P-N Junction Diode under Forward and Reverse Bias Condition and I-v characteristics of Zener diode. The zener regulator is composed of resistor R1 and zener diode CR1• The resistor characteristics … Ans: Reverse breakdown due to avalanche mechanism or Zener effect.In reverse bias a rapid change in the current at break down voltage. This may lead to damaging of the diode. Experiment 8 . Such sudden increase in the number of charge carriers due to rupture of covalent bonds under the influence of strong electric field is termed as Zener breakdown. The VI characteristics of a zener diode is shown in the below figure. Current-voltage characteristic of a Zener diode with a breakdown voltage of 3.4 V. Temperature coefficient of Zener voltage against nominal Zener voltage. 1-3 2. Do the same experiment by connecting the Zener diode in the forward bias. Zener diode experiment. Theory:-A Semiconductor diode is prepared by joining P and N sections of a semi conducting … mA . To Study the V-I characteristics of Forwa rd Biased PN junction diode. You can change the rheostat resistance using the slider. What is the max value of voltage of Zener breakdown devices? If both p-side and n-side of the diode are heavily doped, depletion region at the junction reduces compared to the width in normal doping. Not Specified Not Specified The function of CR1 is to provide additional regulation of the input voltage and form the basis of the reference output. Plot the reverse characteristic curve by taking reverse voltage along –ve X-axis and reverse current along –ve Y-axis. What is the differences between the PN junction diode and Zener diode fabrication? In the reverse biased mode zener diode has large breakdown voltage and though the current increases the voltage remains constant. 3. What are the different types of breakdowns in semiconductor junctions? List the other Zener diodes with different breakdown voltages. It is read as n-type of Zener diode and the other as p-type. 3 Theory of experiment The diode is a device formed from a junction of n-type and p-type ... We have to take many readings till the input voltage is 2. about 30V. In the forward bias direction, the zener diode behaves like an ordinary silicon diode.

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